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How r u today?

I am me... not u! & I'll never b NE1 else!
16 November
Hi! I'm an insane cyco freak who usually can't spell! Ha, ha! NEway...

I guess I'm suposed 2 have a long/detailed interest list & profile & a whole lot of friends... but who actually comes here & reads it? I don't c the point... Of course this whole thing is probably a waste of web space... I don't understand how 2 live life. This is my atempt.

(^u can tell when I have bad days^)

I wish we had more geothermic power plants! We wouldn't even need nuclear 1s if we had these nstead! This would help us all, not 2 mention the polution & axidents it would prevent!

O yea! & I'm a girl... & I don't know NE1 named kevin. & I've never seen Pirates of the Caribean so... yeah I'll shut ^ now.

Hmm... looking back this is the most random thing...!

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This(my profile/me) is so stupid.